You see here the electronic convention of the National Fantasy Fan Federation, the world’s oldest (founded 1941) science fiction club. NefferCon is an experiment. We aren’t entirely sure how it should be organized. or what it should offer. For the moment, everything will be on this one MeWe group, using hashtags to organize posts.

admin Welcome to NefferCon, the Con that Neffer ends. NefferCon is an experiment. It may or may not work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In order to help members find topics of interest, every post must begin with a hashtag. For starters, the allowed hashtags are:

admin An administrative notice.

author The poster is an author describing one or more of her or his books.

book Discussion of SF books or magazines

cosplay Photographs of you in your cosplay costume.

event We hope to have panel discussions and the like, either live or pre-recorded.

fanzine The poster is a fan-ed describing his or her zine.

politics Discussions of fannish politics, e.g., who should be nominated for a Dragon award. (Discussions of mundane politics will be deleted.)

video Discussions

There are a few rules: You must be polite. Spamming — making the same post too many times — will lead to your removal from the group. Discussions of real world politics are not allowed here. Marketing of non-stfnal products, e.g., sunglasses, is not allowed.

Remember, MeWe is significantly user-supported. If you have not yet joined please do so.

Expect these rules to evolve.

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