Films Fantastic

Films Fantastic is the zine of the N3F Film Bureau. Films Fantastic was the creation of Eric Jamborsky, first Editor and Bureau Head. He passed away. With the death of its second Editor and Bureau Head, Justin E. A. Busch, Films Fantastic became inactive.

As of April 2024, the zine has been revived under the lead of new editor Jason Hunt.

Editor: Jason Hunt

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Past Editors/Issues

2018Eric Jamborsky1 (Tightbeam 289)
2018Eric Jamborsky2 (Tightbeam 291)
2019Eric Jamborsky3
2019Eric Jamborsky4
2019Eric Jamborsky5
2019Eric Jamborsky6
2019Eric Jamborsky7
2020Eric Jamborsky8
2020Eric Jamborsky9
2020Eric Jamborsky10
2020Eric Jamborsky11
2020Eric Jamborsky12
2020Eric Jamborsky13
2021Justin E. A. Busch14
2022Justin E. A. Busch15
2022Justin E. A. Busch16
2022Justin E. A. Busch17
2024Jason HuntApril 2024