Yes, welcome to FrankinZine, the publication of the N3F Franking Bureau.  The original purpose of the N3F was to serve as a zine distribution service.  FanZine Editors would send us a bundle of copies of their zine, we would sort them into subscriber stacks, and once a month the subscriber would receive his month’s supply of fanzines, all in one envelope.  Period peculiarities in postal rates meant that this circulation scheme was actually very positive financially for subscribers, at least if the human labor at the sorting point was viewed as costing nothing.  The Franking Service rapidly expired of its internal contradictions.

Some years ago, we revived the Service.  We would get zines in the email and with some regularity re-email them to the membership, our fellow fen.  Alas, modern advances (I use the word loosely) in spam blockades meant that the  presence of the zines, the attachments, would trigger all sorts of bad events, so we had to stop doing that. 

Various issues caused delays, but we now have the solution at hand: FrankinZine!  Every so often, we will take a bunch of new fanzines, combine them into a ZIP file, and put them up on this web site as the latest issue of FrankinZineFrankinZine will only be available as a downloadable ZIP file. Notice will be given of which zines are within each zip file, so that you can download them at your leisure.  In the near future, we have a lot of catchup to do, so FrankinZine will appear here regularly.

DateIssue NumberCollatorIn This Issue
May 20241George PhilliesThis Here71, This Here 72, Shooting my Cuffs 11 MT VOID: 2282, 2307,2308,2309,2311,2312,2314,2317,2318