The National Fantasy Fan

Started as Bonfire shortly after the club was founded in 1941, our clubzine “official organ” has been called The National Fantasy Fan since 1945. Over our near-century of existence, records have been lost, so we no longer have a complete set of The National Fantasy Fan. The fanzines seen here include zines issued electronically and zines recovered from a variety of sources, notably from Joe Siclari and Edie Stern.

1941Art Widner & Harry Warner Jr.June1.1
 Bob StudlyNovember1.2
 Russ Chauvenet & Art WidnerDecember1.3
1942Art WidnerFebruary1.4
 Harry JenkinsApril1.5
 Harry JenkinsJune1.6
 E. E. Evans & Bob TuckerOctober2.1
 Al AshleyNovember2.2
1943Al AshleyDecember2.3
1944E. E. EvansMay3.1
 E. E. EvansJune3.2
 E. E. EvansJuly3.3
 E. E. EvansAugust3.4
 E. E. EvansSeptember3.5
 E. E. EvansNovember3.6
 E. E. EvansDecember3.7
 E. E. EvansDecember3.8

1945E. E. EvansJanuary4.1
 E. E. EvansFebruary4.2
 E. E. EvansMarch4.3
 E. E. EvansApril4.4
 E. E. EvansMay4.5
 Jack SpeerJune4.6
 Jack SpeerJuly4.7
 Jack SpeerAugust4.8
 Jack SpeerSeptember4.9
 Jack SpeerOctober4.10
 Jack SpeerNovember4.11
 Jack SpeerDecember4.12
1946Charles TannerJanuary5.1
 Charles TannerFebruary5.2
 Walter DunkelbergerMay5.3
 Milton A RothmanJune5.4
 Milton A RothmanAugust5.5
 Milton A RothmanSeptember5.6
 Andy LyonOctober5.7
 Andy LyonNovember5.8
 Andy LyonDecember5.9
1947Walter DunkelbergerAugust6.1
 Ray C. HiggsOctober6.2
 Ray C. HiggsDecember6.3
1948Ray C. HiggsFebruary7.1
 Ray C. HiggsApril7.2
 Ray C. HiggsJune7.3
 Ray C. HiggsAugust7.4
 Ray C. HiggsOctober7.5
 Ray C. HiggsDecember7.6
1949Ray C. HiggsFebruary8.1
 Ray C. HiggsApril8.2
 Ray C. HiggsJune8.3
 Ray C. HiggsAugust8.4
 Ray C. HiggsNovember8.5
1950Ray C. HiggsJanuary9.1
 Arthur H. RappApril9.2
 Arthur H. RappJune9.3
1951Ray C. HiggsFebruary10.1
 Ray C. HiggsApril10.2
 Ray C. HiggsJune10.3
 Ray C. HiggsAugust10.4
 Ray C. HiggsOctober10.5
 Ray C. HiggsDecember10.6
1952Ray C. HiggsFebruary11.1
 Stuart S. HoffmanApril11.2
 Ray C. HiggsJune11.3
 Ray C. HiggsOctober11.4
1953Ray C. HiggsJune12.1
 Ray C. HiggsDecember12.2
1954Donald Susan 13.1
 Donald Susan 13.2
 Donald SusanJuly13.3
1955Eva Firestone 14.1
 Eva Firestone 14.2
 Eva Firestone 14.3
 Eva Firestone 14.4
 Eva Firestone 14.5
 Eva Firestone 14.6
 Eva Firestone 14.7
1956Ray C. Higgs 15.1
 Ray C. Higgs 15.2
 Ray C. Higgs 15.3
1957  16.1
 Walter Coslet 16.2
 Walter Coslet 16.3
 Walter Coslet 16.4
 Walter Coslet 16.5
1958Ray C. Higgs 17.1
 Ray C. Higgs 17.2
 Ray C. Higgs 17.3
 Ray C. Higgs 17.4
1959Ralph HollandMarch18.1
 Ralph HollandMay18.2
 Ray C. HiggsJune18.3
 Albert J. LewisAugust18.4
 Ralph HollandOctober18.5
 Ralph HollandDecember18.6
1960Ralph HollandFebruary19.1
 Ralph HollandApril19.2
 Ralph HollandJune19.3
 Ralph HollandAugust19.4
 Ralph HollandOctober19.5
 Ralph HollandDecember19.6
1961Ralph HollandFebruary20.1
 Ralph HollandApril20.2
 Ralph HollandJune20.3
 Ralph HollandAugust20.4
 Ralph HollandOctober20.5
 Ralph HollandDecember20.6
1962Al LewisFebruary21.1
 Al LewisApril21.2
 Al LewisJune21.3
 Al LewisAugust21.4
 Al LewisOctober21.5
 Al LewisDecember21.6
1963Al LewisFebruary22.1
 Albert J. LewisApril22.2
 Albert LewisJune22.3
 Donald FransonAugust22.4
 Donald FransonOctober22.5
  October22.5 Supplement
 Robert OsmanDecember22.6
1964Donald FransonFebruary23.1
 Donald FransonApril23.2
 Donald FransonJune23.3
 Donald FransonAugust23.4
 Donald FransonOctober23.5
 Donald FransonNovember23.6
 Wally WeberDecember23.7
1965Donald FransonFebruary24.1
 Donald FransonApril24.2
 Donald FransonJune24.3
 Wally WeberAugust24.4
 Wally WeberOctober24.5
1966 FebruaryFebruary
 Don MillerFebruary25.1
 Don MillerApril25.2
 Don MillerJune25.3
 Don MillerAugust25.4
 Don MillerOctober25.5
 Don MillerDecember25.6
1967Stan WoolstonFebruary26.1
 Stan WoolstonApril26.2
 Stan WoolstonJune26.3
 Stan WoolstonAugust26.4
 Stan WoolstonOctober26.5
 Stan WoolstonDecember26.6
1968Don MillerJanuary27.1
 Don MillerFebruary27.2
 Don MillerMarch27.3
 Don MillerApril27.4
 Don MillerMay27.5
 Don MillerJune27.6
 Don MillerJuly28.1
 Don MillerAugust28.2
 Don MillerSeptember28.3
 Don MillerOctober28.4
 Don MillerNovember28.5
 Don MillerDecember28.6
1969Wally WeberFebruary29.1
 Wally WeberApril29.2
 Gary LabowitzAugust29.4
 Gary LabowitzOctober29.5
1970Art HayesFebruary30.1
 Art HayesApril30.2
 Art HayesJune30.3
 Art HayesAugust30.4
 Art HayesOctober30.5
 Art HayesDecember30.6
1971Art HayesFebruary31.1
 Art HayesApril31.2
 Art HayesJune31.3
 Art HayesJuly31.4
 Art HayesOctober31.5
 Art HayesDecember31.6
1972Art HayesFebruary32.1
 Art HayesApril32.2
 Gary Mattingly 32.3
 Joanne BurgerOctober32.4
  October32.4 Part 2
1973Joanne BurgerFebruary33.1
 Joanne BurgerApril33.2
 Joanne BurgerJune33.3
 Joanne BurgerAugust33.4
 Joanne BurgerOctober33.5
 Joanne BurgerDecember33.6
1974Joanne BurgerFebruary34.1
 Joanne BurgerApril34.2
 Joanne BurgerJune34.3
 Joanne BurgerAugust34.4
 Joanne BurgerOctober34.5
 Joanne BurgerDecember34.6
1975Joanne BurgerFebruary35.1
 Joanne BurgerApril35.2
 Joanne BurgerJune35.3
 Joanne BurgerAugust35.4
 Joanne BurgerOctober35.5
 Joanne BurgerDecember35.6
1976Joanne BurgerFebruary36.1
 Joanne BurgerApril36.2
 Joanne BurgerJune36.3
 Joanne BurgerAugust36.4
 Joanne BurgerOctober36.5
 Joanne BurgerDecember36.6
1977Joanne BurgerFebruary37.1
 Joanne BurgerApril37.2
 Joanne BurgerJune,37.3
 Joanne BurgerAugust37.4
 Joanne BurgerOctober37.5
 Joanne BurgerDecember37.6
1978Joanne BurgerFebruary38.1
 Joanne BurgerApril38.2
 Joanne BurgerJune38.3
 Joanne BurgerAugust38.4
 Joanne BurgerOctober38.5
 Joanne BurgerDecember38.6
1979Nick A. GrasselFebruary39.1
 Joanne BurgerApril39.2
 Irvin KochJuly39.4
 Owen K LorionOctober39.5
 Owen K LorionDecember39.6
1980Owen K LorionFebruary40.1
 Owen K LorionApril40.2
 Owen K LorionJune40.3
 Owen K LorionAugust40.4
 Owen K LorionOctober40.5
 Owen K LorionDecember40.6
1981Donald FransonFebruary41.1
 Donald FransonApril41.2
 Donald FransonJune41.3
 Donald FransonAugust41.4
 Donald FransonOctober41.5
 Donald FransonDecember41.6
1982Donald FransonFebruary42.1
 Owen K. LorionApril42.2
 Donald FransonJune42.3
 Donald FransonAugust42.4
 Donald FransonOctober42.5
 Donald FransonDecember42.6
1983Donald FransonFebruary43.1
 Ozzie OsmanApril43.2
 Owen K. LorionDecember43.6
1984David Heath Jr.February44.1
 David Heath Jr.April44.2
 David Heath Jr.June44.3
 David Heath Jr.August44.4
 David Heath Jr.October44.5
 David Heath Jr.December44.6
1985David Heath Jr.February45.1
 David Heath Jr.April45.2
 David Heath Jr.June45.3
 David Heath Jr.August45.4
 David Heath Jr.October45.5
 David Heath Jr.December45.6
1986David Heath Jr.February46.1
 David Heath Jr.April46.2
 David Heath Jr.June46.3
 David Heath Jr.August46.4
 David Heath Jr.October46.5
 David Heath Jr.December46.6
1987David Heath Jr.February47.1
 David Heath Jr.April47.2
 David Heath Jr.June47.3
 David Heath Jr.August47.4
 David Heath Jr.October47.5
 David Heath Jr.December47.6
1988Donald FransonFebruary48.1
 Donald FransonApril48.2
 Donald FransonJune48.3
 Donald FransonAugust48.4
 Donald FransonOctober48.5
 Donald FransonDecember48.6
1989Donald FransonFebruary49.1
 Donald FransonApril49.2
 Donald FransonJune49.3
 Donald FransonAugust49.4
 Donald FransonOctober49.5
 Donald FransonDecember49.6
1990Donald FransonFebruary50.1
 Donald FransonApril50.2
 Donald FransonJune50.3
 Donald FransonAugust50.4
 Donald FransonOctober50.5
 Donald FransonDecember50.6
1991Donald FransonFebruary51.1
 Donald FransonApril51.2
 Tim GatewoodJune51.3
 Tim GatewoodAugust51.4
 Tim GatewoodOctober51.5
 Tim GatewoodDecember51.6
1992Tim GatewoodFebruary52.1
 Tim GatewoodApril52.2
 Tim GatewoodJune52.3
 Tim GatewoodAugust52.4
 Tim GatewoodOctober52.5
 Tim GatewoodDecember52.6
1993Craig BoydFebruary53.1
 Craig BoydApril53.2
 Craig BoydJune53.3
 Craig BoydAugust53.4
 Craig BoydOctober53.5
 Craig BoydDecember53.6
1994Craig BoydFebruary54.1
 Craig BoydApril54.2
 Craig BoydJune54.3
 Craig BoydAugust54.4
 Craig BoydOctober54.5
 Craig BoydDecember54.6
1995Craig BoydFebruary55.1
 Craig BoydApril55.2
 Craig BoydJune55.3
 Craig BoydAugust55.4
 Craig BoydOctober55.5
 Craig BoydDecember55.6
1996Craig BoydFebruary56.1
 Craig BoydApril56.2
 Craig BoydJune56.3
 Craig BoydAugust56.4
 Craig BoydOctober56.5
 Craig BoydDecember56.6
1997Craig BoydFebruary57.1
 Craig BoydApril57.2
 Craig BoydJune57.3
 Craig BoydAugust57.4
 Craig BoydOctober57.5
 Craig BoydDecember57./6
1998Craig BoydFebruary58.1
 Craig BoydApril58.2
 Craig BoydJune58.3
 Craig BoydAugust58.4
 Craig BoydOctober58.5
 Craig BoydDecember58.5
1999Craig BoydFebruary59.1
 Craig BoydApril59.2
 Craig BoydJune59.3
 Craig BoydAugust59.4
 Craig BoydOctober59.5
 Craig BoydDecember59.6
2000Susan Van ShuyverFebruary60.1
 Susan Van ShuyverJune60.2-60.3
2001Janine StinsonMay61.1
 Janine StinsonSeptember61.2
2002Janine StinsonJune62.1
 Janine StinsonSeptember62.2
2003Janine Stinson 63.1
 Janine StinsonSeptember63.2
 Laura HazelwoodDecember63.3
2004Bob SabellaMarch64.1
 Ruth R. DavidsonJune64.2
 Bob SabellaSeptember64.3
 Ruth R. DavidsonDecember64.4
2005Bob SabellaMarch65.1
 Jeffrey RedmondJune65.2
 Christopher J. GarciaSeptember65.3
 Ruth DavidsonDecember65.4
2006Ruth R. DavidsonMarch66.1
 Jeffrey RedmondJune66.2
 Christopher J. Garcia , Ruth Davidson & Janine StinsonSeptember66.3
 Janine StinsonDecember66.4
2007Janine StinsonMarch67.1
 Jeffrey RedmondJune67.2
 Ruth DavidsonSeptember67.3
 Ruth DavidsonDecember67.4
2008Ruth R. DavidsonMarch68.1
 Heath RowSeptember68.2
2009Heath RowJune69.1
 Heath RowSeptember69.2
 Heath RowDecember69.3
2010Heath RowMarch69.4
 Heath RowJune69.5
 Heath RowDecember69.6
2011Heath RowMarch70.1
 Heath RowDecember70.2
2012David SpeakmanMarch71.1
 David SpeakmanJune71.2
 David SpeakmanSeptember71.3
 David SpeakmanDecember71.4
2013David SpeakmanJanuary72.1
 David SpeakmanMarch72.2
 David SpeakmanApril72.3
 David SpeakmanJune72.4
 David SpeakmanSeptember72.5
 David SpeakmanDecember72.6
2014David SpeakmanFebruary73.1
 David SpeakmanApril73.2
 David SpeakmanDecember73.3
2015David SpeakmanJanuary74.1
 George PhilliesFebruary74.2
 George PhilliesMarch74.3
 George PhilliesApril74.4
 George PhilliesMay74.5
 George PhilliesJune74.6
 George PhilliesJuly74.7
 George PhilliesAugust74.8
 George PhilliesSeptember74.9
 George PhilliesOctober74.10
 George PhilliesNovember74.11
 George PhilliesDecember74.12
2016George PhilliesJanuary75.1
 George PhilliesFebruary75.2
 George PhilliesMarch75.3
 George PhilliesApril75.4
 George PhilliesMay75.5
 George PhilliesJune75.6
 George PhilliesJuly75.7
 George PhilliesAugust75.8
 George PhilliesSeptember75.9
 George PhilliesOctober75.10
 George PhilliesNovember75.11
 George PhilliesDecember75.12
2017George PhilliesJanuary76.1
 George PhilliesFebruary76.2
 George PhilliesMarch76.3
 George PhilliesApril76.4
 George PhilliesMay76.5
 George PhilliesJune76.6
 George PhilliesJuly76.7
 George PhilliesAugust76.8
 George PhilliesSeptember76.9
 George PhilliesOctober76.10
 George PhilliesNovember76.11
 George PhilliesDecember76.12
2018George PhilliesJanuary77.1
 George PhilliesFebruary77.2
 George PhilliesMarch77.3
 George PhilliesApril77.4
 George PhilliesMay77.5
 George PhilliesJune77.6
 George PhilliesJuly77.7
 George PhilliesAugust77.8
 George PhilliesSeptember77.9
 George PhilliesOctober77.10
 George PhilliesNovember77.11
 George PhilliesDecember77.12
2019George PhilliesJanuary78.1
 George PhilliesFebruary78.2
 George PhilliesMarch78.3
 George PhilliesApril78.4
 George PhilliesMay78.5
 George PhilliesJune78.6
 George PhilliesJuly78.7
 George PhilliesAugust78.8
 George PhilliesSeptember78.9
 George PhilliesOctober78.10
 George PhilliesNovember78.11
 George PhilliesDecember78.12
2020George PhilliesJanuary79.1
 George PhilliesFebruary79.2
 George PhilliesMarch79.3
 George PhilliesApril79.4
 George PhilliesMay79.5
 George PhilliesJune79.6
 George PhilliesJuly79.7
 George PhilliesAugust79.8
 George PhilliesSeptember79.9
 George PhilliesOctober79.10
 George PhilliesNovember79.11
 George PhilliesDecember79.12

2021George Phillies and Jon SwartzJanuary80.1
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzFebruary80.2
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzMarch80.3
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzApril80.4
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzMay80.5
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzJune80.6
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzJuly80.7
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzAugust80.8
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzSeptember80.9
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzOctober80.10
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzNovember80.11
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzDecember80.12
2022George Phillies and Jon SwartzJanuary81.1
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzFebruary81.2
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzMarch81.3
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzApril81.4
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzMay81.5
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzJune81.6
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzJuly81.7
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzAugust81.8
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzSeptember81.9
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzOctober81.10
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzNovember81.11
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzDecember81.12
2023George Phillies and Jon SwartzJanuary82.1
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzFebruary82.2
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzMarch82.3
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzApril82.4
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzMay82.5
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzJune82.6
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzJuly82.7
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzAugust82.8
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzSeptember82.9
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzOctober82.10
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzNovember82.11
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzDecember82.12
2024George Phillies and Jon SwartzJanuary83.1
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzFebruary83.2
 George Phillies and Jon SwartzMarch83.3
George Phillies and Jon SwartzApril83.4