Join the N3F

To join the N3F, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. To pay dues, send your check to the N3F Treasurer, Kevin Trainor, PO Box 143, Tonopah NV 89049. You can also send us money on PayPal. Our PayPal contact is . Send your email address for a free public membership.

All N3F members are sent all fanzines as PDF attachments to emails. Regular Members are also sent The National Fantasy Fan, our newsletter, as printed copies via the mails. The National Fantasy Fan is our one paper fanzine; other fanzines are only sent electronically.

The N3F has dues-paying and free memberships. Only dues-paying members may vote for Neffy Awards, vote in N3F elections, or serve as N3F Officers or Directors. There are three sorts of dues-paying memberships, namely Electronic, Household, and Regular.

Electronic memberships are $6 per year. Household memberships are $4 a year; household memberships are for people living with someone who is already an N3F dues-paying member. Regular Memberships are $18 per year; regular members are sent The National Fantasy Fan as a paper printed copy.

Public Members pay no dues, but cannot vote. Also, if there is limited space for an N3F activity, Public Members stand at the back of the line to join.