Free Books for a Review

Promise to write a review of a book for Amazon, GoodReads, or wherever (your choice), hopefully with a copy coming to The N3F Review of Books (send to, and these authors will send you the ebook that you request for your reviewing efforts. Email the author with the book title you wish to read and review.

List of authors and books (one book at a time, please):

Cedar Sanderson

  • The East Witch
  • The Case of the Perambulating Hatrack

Bill McCormick

  • Far Future
  • The Brittle Riders
  • Splice: Hit Bit Technology

Jefferson Swycaffer

The Concordat of Archive Books: “Starships and Empires.”

  • Become the Hunted
  • Not In Our Stars
  • The Captive’s Rank
  • The Universal Prey
  • The Praesidium of Archive
  • The Empire’s Legacy
  • Voyage of the Planetslayer
  • Revolt and Rebirth

The Demon Constellation Books: Urban Fantasy with Demons

  • Warsprite
  • Web of Futures
  • The Iron Gates of Life
  • Deserts of Vast Eternity
  • The Last Age
  • The Shadowy Road
  • When Angels Fall
  • The Computer Ferrets
  • The Sea Dragon
  • The Thug Acrostic
  • What You See
  • Painterror
  • Adrift on a Foreign Sea
  • The Silver Crusade
  • Each Shining Hour
  • Gravelight
  • The Valley Left Behind

Mainstream: not sf or fantasy

  • The Chain Forge

Independent: SF and Fantasy not in any series

  • Eye of the Staricane
  • Capitulation of the Carnivores

George Phillies

  • Minutegirls
  • The One World
  • Mistress of the Waves
  • Eclipse – The Girl Who Saved the World
  • Airy Castles All Ablaze
  • Stand Against the Light
  • Practical Exercise

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