Short Story Contest Winners

Year Place Writer Work
2012 First Michael Simon The Human Condition
  Second Darren Moore Crimson Typhoon
  Third George Casey There are other Miners
2013 First Michael Simon Desperate Times
  Second R. Jean Mathieu The Short, Strange Life of Comrade Lin
  Third Geoffrey Francis Map of the End of the World
  Honorable Mention Danny Knestaut Blue
2014   No Award  
2015 First  Sean Gillhoolley  The Bazaar of Forbidden Dreams
  Second  Jeff Spitzer  The Last Ordeal of James Willoughby
  Third  Kristin Janz  Fabiana’s Fairy Godmother
  Honorable Mention  Deborah Rocheleau  Track Invasion
2016 First Robert N. Stephenson Moonhenge
  Second Michael Simon Natural Selection
  Third Frank Sawielijew Beyond the Spires
  Honorable Mention Gustavo Bondoni Free Fall
2017 First Philip A. Kramer Quantum Quietus
  Second Gustavo Bondoni Qualnoth’s Favor
  Third Robert W. Jennings Trash Smashers
  Honorable Mention Graham J. Darling Immaterial Witness
2018 First Gustavo Bondoni Iced
  Second Graham J. Darling The Tim Machine
  Third Michael Simon The Answer
  Honorable Mention Karen L. Kobylarz Talisman and Bone
2019 First Karen L. Kobylarz As Day Follows Night
  Second Gustavo Bondoni The Safety of Thick Walls
  Third Adam R. Goss Where you G-O-H When You Die
  Honorable Mention Michael Simon The Captain
2020 First Chris Owens The Azazel Tree
  Second John Yarrow The Eternal Secret
  Third Jack Mulcahy If Music Be the Fruit of Love
  Honorable Mention Charles Douglas The Haunting of the Jabberwocky
2021 First Sean Jones The Prudence of Silver
  Second Adrian Rayner Breaking Good
  Third Markus Nyström Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair
  Honorable Mention Patrick McKay The Landing at the Somme
2022 First Sean Jones From Invention Springs Necessity
  Second Clint Stevenson After the Siege
  Third A.C. Cargill Book of Memories
  Honorable Mention Guy Lillian The Candlestick Maker
2023 First Clint Ste-
Island of Avarice
  Second Charles Walter Denebolan Marathon
  Third J.L. Cook Forged in Fire
  Honorable Mention Jeff Cassell Welcome to Vulpye