Short Story Contest Winners

2012FirstMichael SimonThe Human Condition
SecondDarren MooreCrimson Typhoon
ThirdGeorge CaseyThere are other Miners
2013FirstMichael SimonDesperate Times
SecondR. Jean MathieuThe Short, Strange Life of Comrade Lin
ThirdGeoffrey FrancisMap of the End of the World
Honorable MentionDanny KnestautBlue
2014No Award
2015First Sean Gillhoolley The Bazaar of Forbidden Dreams
Second Jeff Spitzer The Last Ordeal of James Willoughby
Third Kristin Janz Fabiana’s Fairy Godmother
Honorable Mention Deborah Rocheleau Track Invasion
2016FirstRobert N. StephensonMoonhenge
SecondMichael SimonNatural Selection
ThirdFrank SawielijewBeyond the Spires
Honorable MentionGustavo BondoniFree Fall
2017FirstPhilip A. KramerQuantum Quietus
SecondGustavo BondoniQualnoth’s Favor
ThirdRobert W. JenningsTrash Smashers
Honorable MentionGraham J. DarlingImmaterial Witness
2018FirstGustavo BondoniIced
SecondGraham J. DarlingThe Tim Machine
ThirdMichael SimonThe Answer
Honorable MentionKaren L. KobylarzTalisman and Bone