Bureaus and Activities

Bureaus are groups within N3F that specialize in particular activities or interests. In Bureaus, members share their talents and their knowledge, and get information about the club and particular topics. Bureaus are the path that lets members come together to develop common interests. All members are urged to participate in bureaus and to create new bureaus to fulfill the needs of the membership.

Publications The N3F is founded upon the mighty rock of our publications. Your fellow Neffers write, edit, and publish our magazines and other publications; please join them.

TNFF The National Fantasy Fan is our Official Organ, as described in our Bylaws and Constitution. TNFF appears monthly in paper and electronic form. It has existed as long as we have: three quarters of a century. Seventy years ago, back in 1945, EE Evans renamed TNFF. It had been “Bonfire”; it became “The National Fantasy Fan”, a name it has kept almost continuously ever since. The TNFF Editor is George Phillies phillies@4liberty.net. George is delighted to accept fannish material of all sorts.

Tightbeam George Phillies and Jon Swartz edit our fine zine Tightbeam. Tightbeam (named by former neffer Marion Zimmer Bradley) is our genzine. It publishes articles, reviews of all sorts, art, and more.  Tightbeam has published more than 340 issues. If you have art, media reviews, essays, guides, thoughtful pieces of commentary, or other material of general interest, please send it to George Phillies phillies@4liberty.net

N’APA Neffer Amateur Press Alliance: Involved fen create their own zines (zine…short for “magazine”), and send electronic files to the Bureau Head, who assembles them and in turn sends the collated files to the membership. Most individual zines only contain the writing of the fan producing the issue. Unlike many APAs, there is no minimum activity requirement.  N’APA is circulated to all N3F Members, not just to contributors. Once upon a time, people actually printed paper copies and sent them off to be collated. Under modern conditions, electronic files are sent to the Bureau Head. Electronic files permit far fancier issues to be sent to all members. Please send .doc, .rtf, .txt or similar files to the BuHead, who converts them to PDF format. N’APA is bi-monthly. You can be a fan, semi-professional, or professional writer; all members may contribute. Contact N’APA Collator Jefferson Swycaffer abontides@gmail.com for more information or a sample issue.

Ionisphere Ionisphere (note the second “i”) is the revived bimonthly zine of the Fan-Pro Activity Coordinating Bureau. The Bureau and its zine exist to increase interactions between readers and writers, publish interviews with writers and fen, promote contact information and web locations, and support convention activities. For more information, contact Bureau Head John Thiel kinethiel@mymetronet.net

Eldritch Science is our art and fiction zine, edited by George Phillies, published once or, occasionally, twice a year. The zine is a revival of George’s zine from two decades back. Contact George phillies@4liberty.net  for more information.

Origin is the publication of the N3F History Bureau, John Thiel kinethiel@mymetronet.net BuHead and Editor.  It publishes fannish history and had an active letters column.

Mangaverse is the revived magazine of the N3F anime and comics bureau. Kevin Trainor wombat.socho@gmail.com is the BuHead;  Patrick Ijima-Washburn patokon.com@gmail.com  is the zine editor. 

The N3F Review of Books Incorporating Prose Bono publishes extended reviews of SF/F/horror/occult novels, reviews of critical works on SF, articles on better writing, occasional interviews with editors and similar SF activists, and letters of comment. Send material to the Editor, George Phillies phillies@4liberty.net.

Electronic Publications Yes, we have a bunch of electronic venues:

www.N3F.org Our web site.
www.facebook.com/groups/n3flist/ – Our Facebook group
www.facebook.com/TheN3F – The Facebook announcement page

Anime/Comics Bureau: Anime, comics, and manga are a core part of the fantastic literature, providing inspiration for many of the SF motion pictures that dominate the silver screen. The Anime/Comics Bureau supports discussion of all aspects of this branch of our hobby.  Contact BuHead Kevin Trainor wombat.socho@gmail.com for more information.

Artist’s Bureau: Artists from this bureau supply much artwork for the club zines. Technique, subject matter, and publication will also be a part of the discussions of this bureau. If you have an interest in science fiction/fantasy art, and are wanting to share that interest, this is the bureau for you!! Contact Art Bureau Head  Jose Sanchez jose77sanchez@yahoo.com for more information.

Birthday Cards: Hello! The Birthday Card Bureau is a fun Bureau where you get to wish your fellow Neffers a happy birthday. As a bit of history, this bureau was started by a past disabled neffer who wanted to do something for the club.  Contact Denise Fisk greenrose205@gmail.com for more information.

Book Review Bureau: We are in the golden age of SF publishing, with thousands of SF novels published every year. Which ones might you want to read?  Which ones might you want to avoid? Based on a proposal by Bob Jennings, the Book Review Bureau tries to persuade members to write at least short reviews of all new novels. The Bureau magazine is The N3F Review of Books.

Convention Coordinator: Convention dates, con-reports, and passing out flyers at various sci-fi and fantasy conventions is the purpose of this bureau. Contact Bureau Head Mindy Hunt at SciFi4Me.com to help.

Correspondence Bureau: The Correspondence Bureau sets up N3F members of similar interests to correspond with each other. Contact Judy Carroll blueshadows2012@gmail.com for more information.

Fan-Pro Coordinating Activity Bureau: The Fan-Pro Coordinating Activity Bureau exists to promote relations between fen and writers. BuHead John Thiel kinethiel@mymetronet.net publishes zone Ionisphere in support of this effort.

Fandom History and Research Bureau: Under the leadership of BuHead John Thiel kinethiel@mymetronet.net and N3F Historian Jon Swartz jon_swartz@hotmail.com, the History and Research bureau seeks to document the history of the N3F and our hobby.

Franking Service: The Franking Service performs the original purpose of the N3F, redistributing fanzines to our membership. Our work is purely electronic, using the internet to retransmit fanzines to all of our members.

Games Bureau: The Games Bureau supports the play of games by N3F Members. Board games, rolegames, miniatures, diplomatic games, live action roleplaying,…We occasionally publish lists of forthcoming game conventions.

Gourmet Bureau: Led by Cedar Sanderson cedarlila@yahoo.com Cedar publishes Eat This While You Read That, recipes associated with famous authors.

Historian: The N3F was founded in 1941, before almost all living fen were born. We actually have a club historian, Jon Swartz. who is always looking for more material on our past. He can be reached as Jon Swartz at jon_swartz@hotmail.com.

Kaymar Awards Committee: The Kaymar Awards Committee collects nominations and votes, and makes the grant of the Annual Kaymar Award.

Laureate Awards Bureau: This Bureau is dedicated to running and promoting the annual N3F Laureate Awards. First given in 1941, the Laureate Awards are the oldest awards in science fiction fandom. Any current N3F member can apply for membership by contacting the President: phillies@4liberty.net.

Lord High Proofreader:  The Lord High Proofreader proofreads issues of TNFF and Tightbeam before they are mailed out.

Lady High Proofreader:  The Lady High Proofreader proofreads many of the articles for The N3F Review of Books Incorporating Prose Bono before it is assembled.

Membership Recruitment: No members, no club.  It’s that simple.

Pro Bureau: Many of the prominent founders were or became professional writers or editors. This Bureau works in support of their efforts, notably by co-publishing Prose Bono, a zine incorporated in The N3F Review of Books.

Round Robins: This bureau is one of the most active and popular in the club. A round robin is a packet of letters written about a subject or author. The letters follow a route headed by a robin master. Most robins have 4 to 6 members. A few of the long running robins are on SF&F Films, Star Trek, Time Travel, Andre Norton, and Anne McCaffrey. New ideas are welcome. It’s a great way to discuss science fiction subjects and to make friends. To join, you must be a member of N3F. To become a member of a round robin contact Judy Carroll blueshadows2012@gmail.com for more information.

Short Story Contest: We have a yearly short story contest, open to non-professionals. For details, please contact our professional writer and judge, Jefferson Swycaffer at abontides@gmail.com or read the description elsewhere on these pages.

Video Bureau: Illustrious Member Cathode Ray occasionally reports in the pages of THe N3F FanActivity Gazette on forthcoming television programming.

Welcommittee is for welcoming new members into the N3F, and following up with them. In the past the WelCommittee has welcomes new members with a “welcome” lettersBeing on the WelCommittee is a wonderful way to be “on the front lines” of meeting new friends in our club! The Welcommittee is looking for new members. Please contact Judy Carroll blueshadows2012@gmail.com to volunteer.

Writer’s Exchange Bureau: Members of the Writers’ Exchange Bureau read each other’s manuscripts.  Right now we have a surplus of readers and a shortage of writers, so feel free to accept criticism without offering any. This Bureau Head is very active and excited about her club and bureau activities! Contact Judy Carroll blueshadows2012@gmail.com for information.