N3F News for December 12, 2020

The N3F has a new Treasurer. He is Kevin Trainor, PO Box 143, Tonopah NV 89049. Pay your dues online at N3F.org. Our PayPal contact is treasurer@n3f.org . Send phillies@4liberty.net your email address for a free public membership.

We changed zine mailers. We are still using phplist, but it is from a new site. There was a dramatic increase in how many members were receiving zines, because the old site had randomly blacklisted members (for example, both Tightbeam Editors) so they could not receive issues. That appears to have been fixed. Also, we no longer have the 2Mb file size limit on single mailings.

The files of back issues of our zines, found starting at http://n3f.org/zines/, have been updated to cover through zines published in December 2020.