N3F Special Publications

Since the 1940s we’ve issued many special publications, including several full-size books. Below is a list of some of the publications available on this site to read or download in PDF form.

We also publish fanzines. Currently there are nine of these these. The National Fantasy Fan (TNFF), originally called “Bonfire”, has been published since June 1941. N’APA, our APA, was founded in 1959. Tightbeam (TB) (originally called “Hyperspace Tightbeam”) started in 1960. Other N3F zines include Ionisphere (author and fan interviews), Mangaverse (anime, comics, manga), Eldritch Science (fiction), Origin (fannish history and research), Films Fantasic (films), and The N3F Review of Books Incorporating Prose Bono. The available back issues may be seen under the drop-down list “N3F Fanzines”.

We are attempting to create a complete set of back issues in the form of electronic files. The support of readers in filling the gaps in our collection would be most appreciated. Please contact us at N3FPresident@TNFFF.org if you can help.

N3F Fandbooks

The word “fandbook” is a portmanteau, a combo of fan+handbook, and its purpose is exactly what it sounds like – pointers from veteran fans to new fans.

1A Key to the Terminology of Science-Fiction Fandom 1962Donald Franson
2 The Amateur Press Associations of Science-Fiction Fandom 1962Bob Lichtman
3Some Historical Facts about Science-fiction Fandom1962Donald Franson
4The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund1963Len Moffatt & Ron Ellik
5 Pseudonyms of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Authors 2010Jon Swartz
6 The Hugo Awards for Best Novel 2013Jon Swartz
7The Nebula Awards for Best Novel2016Jon Swartz
8Founders of the National Fantasy Fan Federation2020Jon Swartz and George Phillies

N3F Fandom Guides

As a follow-up to Fandbooks, the N3F started printing up Fan guides to hand out at WorldCons to welcomes new members in the 1970s. This tradition continues today.

1973Stan Woolston
1978Donald Franson
2005Ruth R. Davidson
2007Ruth R. Davidson
2013David Speakman


Since the 1940s, the N3F has published various index listings. A few available in PDF are below.

1947 An Index of Various Fantasy Publications Darrell C. Richardson
1948 Scienti-Fant & Weird Mag Index
1950Fantasy PseudonymsArthur H. Rapp, editor


Other special pubs available for viewing online include the following.

1986 Neffer a Bad Batch Cookbook


A Sea of Stars Like Diamonds is our 75th Anniversary Commemorative Volume of short stories. It’s available from standard internet sources.