Kaymar Award

The Kaymar Award is given in April every year, supposedly because the N3F was organized in the month of April. The selection is made by a committee, consisting of previous winners who are still in the club, from nominations submitted by members. The award, unlike other awards in fandom, can be awarded only once. It is not given for talent or for popularity, but for work — work for the benefit of the club and its members. The award is a memorial to K. Martin Carlson [1904-1986], who originated, maintained, and financed it for 25 years. Carlson was a long-time N3F member who held many positions in the club, including club historian. He went by the fan name of Kaymar.

1959Ray C. Higgs
1960Eva Firestone
1961Ralph M. Holland
1962Janie Lamb
1963Art Hayes
1964Seth Johnson
1965Stan Woolston
1966Donald Franson
1967Alma Hill
1968Ann Chamberlin
1969Donald Miller
1970Elinor Poland
1971Gary Labowitz
1972Ned Brooks
1973Elaine Wojciechowiski
1974Joanne Burger
1975Sheryl Birkhead
1976Will Morris
1977Lynne Holdom
1978Harry Warner, Jr.
1979Frank Denton
1980John W. Andrews
1981Edward W. Ludwig
1982Owen K. Laurion
1983Sally A. Syrjala
1984K. Martin Carlson
1985Howard DeVore
1986Lola Ann (Andrew) Center
1987David Heath, Jr.
1988Fred Jakobcic
1989William Center
1990Catherine Mintz
1991Tim Gatewood
1992Marianne Turlington
1993Sandra Morrese
1994Lyne-Marie Masamitsu
1995Michele (Nowak) Center
1996Craig Boyd
1997Diane (Miller) Blackwood
1998Susan VanSchuyver
1999Jefferson Swycaffer
2000Janine Stinson
2001Jacquline Lichtenberg
2002Dennis Davis
2003Harold Marcum
2004Ginny Benson
2005Joy Beeson
2006Ruth Davidson
2007George Phillies
2008Patricia King
2009R-Laurraine Tutihasi
2010Jon D Swartz
2011Jean Lamb
2012Heath Row
2013Sarah Harder
2014David Speakman
2015Holly Wilson
2016Judy Carroll
2017John Thiel
2018Cedar Sanderson
2019Angela K. Scott
2020Jose Sanchez
2021Bob Jennings
2022Kevin Trainor