The activity that centers around science fiction and fantasy has grown to require organization in order that desirable objectives, beyond the achievement of single individuals, may be attained through united effort. Under this Constitution, the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) is established as an association of persons interested in promoting the progress of science fiction and fantasy, and in furthering its enjoyment by themselves and others.

Article 1 – Membership

1.  Membership, including any benefits created by the organization, and all rights such as voting, is gained be paying dues as set forth in the Bylaws. Dues changes may not go into effect until two(2) months after publication in the Official Organ and shall be further delayed until the completion of voting if the Official Organ receives a petition for submission as set forth in Article V, Section 1 for reversal, unless the change is the result of a vote on petition.

2. An organization may become a member of the N3F upon payment of dues as defined in Section 1 and is entitled to all rights and benefits of membership as outlined in this Constitution except that said organization may not vote or hold elective office.

3. Joint memberships are available to two persons residing in the same household. A joint membership will include The National Fantasy Fan Federation (TNFF) and all rights such as voting and club activities. The dues shall be more than a single membership but less than a double, to be set by the Directorate.

Article II – Officers

1. A President conducts the affairs of the organization. His/her appointments, suspensions, and removals from office, whether the office concerned is elective or appointive, are subject to the review and approval of the Directorate, as are also his/her methods of procedure.

2. If, for any reason, the office of President becomes vacant, the Directorate appoints a President to complete the unexpired term. Any interim administrative duties are performed by the Chairman of the Directorate, during which time he/she may not vote in his/her capacity as Director except on motions of appointment.

3. A Directorate, composed of five members, regulates the affairs and controls the finances of the organization, and may define the duties of any office or official of the association.

4. Decisions of the Directorate are by majority of its five members except in the following instances: by unanimous vote the Directorate may refuse membership to any person; expel any member by refunding the balance of his dues; and may remove the President from office.

5. Vacancies in the Directorate, whatever the cause, are filled by majority vote of the remaining Directors. If fewer than three Directors remain, the President shall appoint one or more up to the minimum of three.

6. Any person designated as Treasurer or otherwise empowered to keep or convey the funds of the organization must be over twenty-one years of age.

7. The Treasurer shall also have free dues as long as he or she holds office.

Article III – Elections

1. The President and five members of the Directorate are decided by the membership in an annual election of those officers. Ballots for the election are to be distributed before October 10th and the elected candidates take office on the following January 1st. Any member may seek office by complying with the official requirements which are to be published in the Official Organ at least two months previous to the filing deadline.

2. No person may hold two elective offices at the same time.

3. Each member may cast one vote for each of the five candidates of his/her choice in the election of the Directorate. The five candidates receiving the largest number of votes is elected. Ties are resolved by majority agreement of those elected candidates not included in the tie.

4. Of the candidates for President, the one receiving the largest number of votes is elected. In case of a tie, the elected Directorate chooses a President from the tied candidates.

Article IV – Official Organ

1. The association issues a publication of at least quarterly schedule which carries in addition to other material, a quarterly statement of the financial status of the organization, together with a listing of new members and their addresses.

Article V – Petitions & Amendments

1. Petitions of whatever purpose, endorsed by five per cent of the members or twenty-five members, whichever is less, must, within sixty days after the Directorate receives them, be submitted to the membership for decision unless the Directorate has already taken the indicated action. Petitions looking towards the revision, reversion, or setting aside of any action of the President or the Directorate must be submitted within two calendar years following such action, or such petition is invalid and without force.

2. Any motion by the Directorate approved for presentation to the membership to alter or amend the Constitution must be printed in the next TNFF, and in no event, not less than two months prior to the actual voting date, if not the result of action under Section I of this article.

3. Amendments to the Constitution shall require two thirds(2/3) of the votes cast to be approved. All other decisions by the membership shall be by a majority of the votes cast.

4. Any alteration or amendment of the Constitution will be presented to the membership for vote exactly as it is to be entered, or the alteration or amendment is invalid and without force.

5. The power to alter or amend the Constitution is vested solely in the membership.