N3F Awards

The National Fantasy Fan Federation has a long history of recognizing fans and creators of speculative fiction. In 1949, the N3F was the first organization to recognize a a young writer named Ray Bradbury, awarding him a Laureate Award as “Best Author.” The N3F offers four major sets of awards, namely the Kaymar Award, the Franson Award, the Laureate Awards, and the Short Story Contest Prizes. The Kaymar and Franson Awards are given for service to the N3F. The Laureate Awards go to fannish and professional scientifictional creativity in all media. The Annual Short Story Contest rewards and encourages writing of science fiction, fantasy, occult, and horror tales by amateur fen.

Kaymar Award

Named after fandom legend K. Martin Carlson (1904-1986), the KAYMAR award has been given every year since 1959. The selection is made by a committee, consisting of previous winners who are still in the club, from nominations submitted by members. The Kaymar Award, like few other awards in fandom, is awarded only once. It is given not for talent or popularity, but for work, for the benefit of the club and its members.

It is a fitting memorial to K. Martin Carlson, who originated, maintained and financed it for 25 years. Now it is paid for by the N3F Treasury, which is small compensation for the value of the work done by the winners over the years. Prizes include a year’s membership extension, $10 cash and a certificate.

Any member of the N3F may nominate someone who seems worthy of the KAYMAR Award by sending a nomination to the chairman of the Kaymar Awards Committee. Nominations are usually collected beginning in January, but need to be submitted promptly so that the names can be voted on in time the award in April. All names will be kept confidential. This is an honor, not a campaign, and only the winner’s name will be made public.

See list of past winners.

Franson Award

Named after former N3F president Donald Franson (1916-2002), this award is presented annually by the current president to an N3F member (or members) who have show outstanding service to the organization. This award was started to honor individuals who may have already won the KAYMAR Award.

See list of past winners.

Laureate Awards

The Laureate Awards started in 1941. With an eye on the future, the Laureate Awards aim to honor achievements in speculative fiction in new media as well as traditional media. Awards are given for such works as books, comics, games, motion pictures and the Internet. For more information, see the Laureate Awards section of this site.

See list of past winners.

Short Story Contest

This contest is open to all amateur writers in the field, whether members of N3F or not. We define an amateur as someone who has sold no more than two stories to the professional science fiction or fantasy publications See the Short Story Contest rules for more information.

See list of past winners.