TNFF 5.4

TNFF 5.4
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TNFF 5.4| June 1946
Theme|Proposed Constitution by Burton Crane
Editor| Milton A. Rothman
Contributors| Walter Dunkleberger, Milton A. Rothman, K. Martin Carlson, Art Widner, Burton Crane, Jack Speer, Dale Tarr
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Donated by|David Speakman


  • President’s Message by Walter Dunkleberger
  • Editor’s Message by Milton A. Rothman
  • Welcom Report by K. Martin Carlson
  • Treasurer’s Report by Art Widner
  • Proposed Constitution by Burton Crane
  • Criticism of proposed constitution and Counter Proposal by Jack Speer
  • President’s Commentary of proposed constitutions by Walter Dunkleberger
  • Secretary’s Message and Official Roster of Members by Art Widner
  • Letter to Membership by Dale Tarr