TNFF 8.2

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TNFF 8.2 | April-May, 1949
Theme| The Fan of the Month
Editor| Ray C. Higgs
Contributors| K Martin Carlson, Rick Sneary, Florence S. Anderson, Arthur H. Rapp, Harry B. Moore, W. Leslie Hudson, R. H. Ramsey, Dale Tarr, Ray C. Higgs
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Donated by|David Speakman


1 Fan of the Month: K Martin Carlson
3 Chairman’s Report – Board of Director’s by Rick Sneary
4 Women’s Auxiliary by Florence S. Anderson
5 “Operation Bridgehead” Cinvention by Arthur H. Rapp
6 Pro Member Bureau Report by Harry B. Moore
7 Secretary-Treasurer’s Report by W. Leslie Hudson
8 Welcom Report by K. Martin Carlson
8 Special Publication: Philcon Memory Book report by K.M.Carlson
9 IF! (Public Relations Report) by Art Rapp
10 Officer Listing
10 Fantasy Fan-Fare Meeting – Berkeley
11 Suggestion Box
11 LoC: R. H. Ramsey
12 President’s Message by Dale Tarr
12 Editor’s Report