March 2012 Directorate Report

By David Speakman

N3F Directorate Activity: January 1 – February 15, 2012

The following were the final  acts of the 70th N3F Directorate, which held office from January 1, 2011 -February 15, 2012):

* * *

MOTION 2012-01

Suspend bylaws to allow elections for 2012 officers as per Heath ROw’s suggestions with a ballot deadline of February 15, 2012. Re-Appoint Ruth Davidson as Election Teller.

January 17, 2012, by Speakman

January 19, 2012
Yea: 5 (Unanimous)
* * *

MOTION 2012-02

In honor of our 70th anniversary:  As a thank you to all the N3F fen: living current and former members of the N3F get a one-year membership extension.

1. CURRENT MEMBERS: 1 year EXTENDED to their current subscription; no subscription ends before January 2013:
Expiration date of 02/2012 becomes 02/2013
Expiration date of 11/2014 becomes 11/2015
Expiration date of 12/2011 becomes 01/2013

2. LAPSED/DROPPED PEOPLE IN OUR RECORDS: We mail and email people on the inactive/former member roster and offer them a free year-long membership in the N3F if they respond favorably to the offer. Lapsed members need to opt in at any point in the year 2012 to take advantage of the invitation. Their one-year term starts when they opt in.
We contact Joe Schmotz via mail and email. He opts in, in March 2012. His membership runs until March 2013.
We contact Mary Sue via mail. She opts in, in June 2012. Her membership runs until June 2013.
We contact E. E. Yor via email. He never replies. He gets no free year.

3. FORMER MEMBERS NOT ON ROLL/WE’VE LOST TRACK OF: Folks we no longer have record of simply need to contact us before Dec. 31, 2012 with some sort of simple proof of former membership. Their free year starts once former membership is verified and they are re-added to the roster.
Former member asks for free year reinstatement on 01/2012, added to roll in 02/2012 – reinstated with expiration of 02/2013   (one year after added to roster)
Former member asks for free year on 11/2012, added to roll 01/2013 reinstated wirh expiration of 01/2014 (one year after added to roster)

The benefits:
Thanks loyal Neffers for sticking with us.
Welcomes back old members who are willing to give us another chance in a “try before you buy” way.
And it’s a general act of good faith.

January 20, 2012, by Speakman, supported by Swatrz, president.
January 21, 2012, by Row, supported by Speakman, to allow more member control of status.

January 21, 2012
Yea: Davis, Harder, Row, Speakman
No Vote: Walker