Heraldry — The N3F Arms

With an origin lost in the mists of time, the National Fantasy Fan federation has had a coat of arms and motto for more than half of its existence.

Heraldic Description:

Arms: Sable, on a chevron  three crosses bottony Sable between a sinister dragon, passant, a nautical star, and a skull argent.
Crest: A propeller argent.
Motto: Science and Fantasy


All of that is just fancy talk for:

The N3F arms is a black shield with a white chevron. The black and white symbolize fandom’s origin in printed books. At the top left of the shield is a dragon symbolizing Fantasy, a Compass Star to the right symbolizing space travel, and a skull at the bottom symbolizes horror. Three crosses symbolize fan loyalty. A ribbon motto shows our fandom is science and fantasy based.

This is surrounded by filigree and a corded helmet like most arms, but topped with a whimsical silver propeller to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. ✵